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Ultrasonic knifes SONOWAVE

TTS400 - аппарат ультразвуковой резки (ультразвуковой нож)



  • Power…400 W
  • Frequency….40 kHz
  • Voltage….230V, 240V, 110V
  • A built-in line filter
  • Output signal indicator
  • A handle for carrying (optional)
  • A built-in cooling fan
  • Size of the generator (mm): 180x350x240

Ultrasonic knifes TTS400 are produced by an Italian company SONOWAVE and are designed for cutting fabric with simultaneous edge soldering.
It can be installed into automatic equipment or be used for manual cutting of fabric.
Easy to use.
The ultrasonic knife SONOWAVE TTS400 is easy to use for the operator. Just plug it in and it is ready to work. This knife does not require setting, programming or choosing a power level. It works automatically.

Fast. Does not require warming or cooling.

The ultrasonic knife SONOWAVE TTS400 is always ready to work.

Does not need special cleaning or treatment.

Reliable. High quality components from best manufacturers and accurate assembling make the ultrasonic knife SONOWAVE TTS400 highly reliable. The product is made in Italy.


TS 400 Device for manual cutting

  • Tabletop holder for direct cutting and a convenient cutter for crafting curved forms
  • Professional cutting and edge soldering. Clean and smooth edges.
  • The edge does not wear out or lose fiber.
  • Low energy consumption, the tool does not heat up
  • Fabric does not burn, the knife leaves no prints, there is no toxic smoke
  • Does not require time for warming up
  • Does not require cleaning
  • Just press a button and track the knife on fabric

TTS 400 Device for automation

  • Long-time cutting and edge soldering
  • The device is ready to be installed to a loom, length-cutting machines, and devices for rewinding and fabric control.
  • Converter with a built-in cooling system
  • Fast winding with a regulator
  • High quality reinforcing treatment of the cutting waveguide for long-term durable work


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