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Other industrial equipment and automation of production

Industrial automation is becoming highly demanded, when enterprises aim at reducing costs, increasing quality and boosting production.

TA offers services in design, production and installing automatic equipment. Detailed 3D design and calculations enable virtual testing and full visualization and prevent from any problems and inconsistencies before real installing.

Ultrasonic Strip Cutting Machine

The machine is designed for automatic cutting of synthetic fabric strips.

  • high precision of strip length (+- 0.5 mm)
  • ultrasonic cutting without smoke, smell or changing the colour of solder edge
  • fully automatic cutting mode
  • fabric strip control
  • control of cutting process and tool
  • adaptive cutting mode
  • automatic changing of cutting process settings, according to fabric strip features and the condition of tool.

Drilling CNC machine on PVC extrusion line

The machine enables making high quality openings in PVC ledge profiles. It is synchronized with a cutting machine and makes openings in set positions instantly – on a moving profile before cutting it lengthwise. Control and monitoring and setting the options can be done on a touch screen panel. The machine has a developed diagnostic system that analyses the working process of the system and prevents from defects.

Machine for ultrasonic cutting of taffeta carpets up to 6 mm thick

The machine is designed for cutting taffeta carpets and nonwoven polypropylene carpetings. Ultrasonic cutting is without smoke, smell or changing the solder edge colour.


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