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Professional fabric cutting table of different sizes with 1, 2 or 3 knifes

Adaptable fabric cutting table with crush cut (score cut) knife

Professional fabric cutting table from TA | roll centering and parallel stop

Professional fabric cutting table with (score cut) crush cut knife

Watch video and learn more: fabric cutting table with score cut (crush cut) knife

This table can be equipped with three knives (rotary knife, crush cut (score cut) knife and ultrasonic one) in any combination.

You can cut practically any fabric if all 3 knifes are installed.

A blade replacement is an easy procedure. A suitable cutting tool can be selected via switch. Downtime is only 1 second.

This fabric cutting table features a two-sided pneumatic clamp with a filter-pressure regulator and a safety system which stops the mechanism, if any object is placed across the cutting path.
A service position of tool changer makes maintenance even more convenient.

Pneumatic system from is very reliable and precise. Knife is driven by a cogged steel belt. Cutting speed can be regulated.

Fabric end control detector returns the knife back to its initial position right after the cycle is finished. It reduces considerably cycle time if narrow blinds are cut.

While the knife goes to its initial position under the tabletop, the operator can already position a new fabric piece.

TA С Specification

Cutting tool С-crush cutting, R- electric rotary knife, S-ultrasonic knife
Work area of tabletop 2500x3m/3000x3m/3500x3.5m/4000x4m - 8'2.425"x9'10.11" / 9'10.11"x9'10.11" / 11'5.795"х 11'5.795" /
Maximum width of fabric 2.5/3/3.5/4 m - 8'2.425"/9'10.11"/11'5.795"/13'1.48"
Fabric clamp pneumatic double-sided
Tool changing pneumatic, from the main control panel
Speed control available
Backlight LED lamps
Control panels 2 (main; on table top)
Fabric roll centering system manual remote (optional)
Synchronous parallel stop manual (optional)
Duration of cutting cycle depending on the chosen speed, 3.5-8 sec
strip closing the gap between 2 sides of cutting path pneumatic (optional)
Cord remote foot control optional
Safety system optical double barrier
Height of working surface 0.9 m / 2,95"
Air pressure 6 bar
Voltage 220 V
Installed power 1100 W



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