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Automatic stop for table saw | length stop

Automatic stop for table saw TA-APSpro

Automatic stop for table saw with positioning system and storage

Watch video and learn more: automatic stop for table saw

Automatic positioning system with length stop TA-APSpro

The system is designed for eliminating of errors. The operator inputs the requested sizes via a touch screen control panel or uploads the file via network or scannes a barcode. After that the stop positions itself.

Memory capacity is up to 100 tasks. Each task contains information regarding ID, material, size and quantity of items.

The system can be controlled via local network. The TA-APSpro can be used in 2 modes: cutting a single piece or pieces of different sizes

Counting of cutting cycles is carried out in both modes by a detector installed on a saw.The stop can be complemented by storage system and roller conveyors

Automatic stop specification

Length of work area upon request
Conveyor speed, adjustable 30 - 300 mm/sec
Tolerance (accuracy) 0,1 mm/m
Retention force 18 kg
Position sensor available
Actuator step motor on toothed bar with feedback transmitter
Control via touchscreen 7” available
Control via Ethernet available
Control via barcodes or QR codes available
Counting machine for finished pieces available
Pushing of workpiece available
Raising of stop available
Working mode (operating regime) preventing the blade from stopping during the operation available
Voltage 230 V
Installed power 0,4 kWt
Air pressure not needed
Table top covering for transportation PE
Interface English, Russian



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